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12 Harrow Road, 

NSW, 2144.

ABN: 82 134 044 134

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United Travel centre

Where the best flight’s the only option!


At United Travel Centre we are sure to give you the best prices in the market for both travel and cargo! We have excellent customer service and the perfect number of employees to make sure your wait isn’t long.


 We do flights for all countries on all airways to suit your flight and have the lowest fares guaranteed. Our agency is currently working its hardest to make customers feel welcome and at home. If you are not happy with the prices you have, we can try and manage a way to get the price even lower to keep you satisfied. For our hot deals check out the ‘Hot Deals’ tab on our website or if you would like to stay updated on our prices just put in your name, email and phone down the bottom and we’ll be sure you get the first notice.

To book now either call our office or visit our homepage or just pay us a visit.

Address: 86 Auburn Rd AuburnNSW, 2144     

Phone: (02) 9643 5755      Mobile: 0409 012 000