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Q: Can I cancel my ticket once I have confirmed it?

A: According to the rules of your individual ticket, you may be able to cancel your ticket. However, every ticket that is issued will cost a minimum of $400 worth of cancellation fees.


Q: When can expect my money back when I cancel my ticket?

A: According to the airline that you have booked with, the airline can take up 6 to 8 weeks to return the amount which you have paid for your ticket.


Q: Is the price of my ticket guaranteed before the ticket is issued?

A: No. Nothing is guaranteed; not even the booking before the ticket is issued. That is why it is best that as soon as you search for a booking, to issue the ticket as soon as possible.


Q: Can I change my ticket?

A: Yes. However, it will cost you money with a minimum of $120 for a regular date change depending on which airline you have booked with.


Q: If I want to change my ticket and I am overseas, can I still contact your office?

A: Yes you may. If you cannot reach us, feel free to contact the airline directly and they will assist you further.


Q: How many kilos can I take while travelling?

A: According to different airlines, you may be allowed to take 30 kilos worth luggage and 7 kilos for your handbags. Check with your travel agent to see how many kilos you may be allowed to take with you.


Q: What is an ‘E’ ticket?

A: E-tickets, are offered by many airlines, and allow the individual to travel without a paper ticket.


Q: How long does my passport need to be valid for?

A: Your passport must be 6 months valid from the return date otherwise you may not be allowed to board your flight.


Q: If I would like to contact your office, what is the contact number?

A: You can definitely call our office on 1300 782 081 during office hours between 9am to 5pm.